Seller's Move Out Checklist

You sold your house, and you’re moving out. Here’s what to do for the home’s new owners.

___ “Unattached goods” :  Your purchase contract may specify some of the things that you are leaving behind such as kitchen and laundry appliances, window coverings and such.  At a bare minimum, make sure that these items are in place, clean, and in good working order.

___ Cleaning:  Your home should look  the same as it did during showings, minus your personal items.  You are under no legal obligation to leave your home spotless,  however, it’s just a nice thing to do if you can.  A good rule of thumb is to leave your home as clean as you’d like to find it!  At the very least, do the following:

  • Thoroughly clean kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room (all fixtures, appliances, etc.)
  • Vacuum all carpets
  • Wash bare floors
  • Wipe out all cupboards
  • Tidy the yard, garage and shed
  • Get rid of all garbage

___ Keys:  Collect and label all of the property keys – extra house keys, garage, shed, mailbox (leave information about mailbox number), etc.  Keys should be left in conspicuous location but not one that is visible by someone looking through a window from the outside. You may also ask your Realtor to tell the buyer where to locate the keys.

___ Garage door openers + codes

___ Security system info + codes

___ Instruction books,  Leave all warranties, repair records for appliances, furnace, water heater, etc. in a drawer in the kitchen where they can be easily found.

___ Information about upgrades:  For example, if you installed a new roof, leave a note about when, what materials were used, who installed it, the cost, etc.

___ Paint:  If any recent painting was done, leave leftover paint with info about brand, color name, etc.

___ Utility information:  Leave information about your providers (water, power, gas, internet, etc. with contact info), garbage and recycling pickup (what days, any special instructions, etc.)

___ Utilities disconnect or transfer:  Have meters read.  Depending on the arrangement with the new owners, water and power may be turned off, furnace and hot water heater turned down, etc.  Your REALTOR® can help!

___ “Welcome to your new home”:  It’s a nice touch, if you are so inclined, to leave a card or personal note for the new owners.  A recent copy of the local newspaper or community newsletter,  etc…might also be appreciated. 

___ Acreage owners:  Leave behind results of latest well water tests, well drillers’ report, upgrades to well and septic pump/system and the like. If you have ever had a survey done, leave a copy!

___ Make sure all doors and windows are locked before you leave.